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On September 18, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So, every now and then we recieve an unexpected, but much appreciated, package in the mail. The feeling you get when you see the UPS/Fed-Ex driver stop at the office when you haven’t ordered anything is awesome! it usually means someone was thinking about you or they have something neat they wanna give you. We’re constantly getting new things sent to us and got some especially cool goodies in the last 2 weeks for which we’d like to say, “Thanks!”.

Thanks Vector, for sending us rolls of all different vinyl types to test out and share with all of our fans and followers! 2 rolls of matte white, matte black, cobalt blue, and a roll of transluscent unpunched red will be a nice addition to our sweet vinyl collection we currently use.




Thanks to Image1Impact for this awesome straight edge tool/ruler for cutting more accurately and safely…


Aside from a dope ergonomic grip design, it comes in a real cool anodized purple color with laser etched measuring guides and a medical grade stainless steel blade guide so you won’t ever catch your blade on the edge and mess up your cut.


Of course, they haven’t forgotten about adding a grip to the bottom so the material you’re cutting OR the straight edge won’t move on ya…


A printer? You’re kidding? Nope! We were sent a brand new Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II printer…



I must admit that, although I shoot all Nikon all day, this printer rocks when it comes to desktop printers. It features an 8-color dye-based ink system and the ability to print full bleed photos at 13×19 WITH a resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi, damn! I can’t wait to set this thing up and test it’s skills.

Last, but not least important, thanks a lot to Pool Vodka for this unexpected treat. Pool Vodka is a new brand of vodka that is independently owned and distributed in the New York metro area by BevKo, LLC. This vodka gives a whole new meaning to “Pool parties.” This triple distilled premium vodka infused with a blend of 100% natural fruit goes down smooth on the rocks, or you can have it a variety of different ways, including: CosmoPOOLitan, Pee in the POOL Martini, Skinny Dip, the Cannonball shot, etc. For Creator/Owner Bryan O’Reilly, this was a big move that took 2-years of testing and planning before it came to life.


Even the logo on the bottle was made out of custom die cut metal as an ambigram (reads the same right side up and upside down).



Follow Pool Vodka on Twitter @poolvodka and stay up-to-date with news and upcoming events.

Thanks a lot to Bryan O’Reilly for the bottle of Pool for our crew.

*If you’d like us to blog about your product, your band, clothing label, or if you just want to send us some neat stuff, it’s always welcome. Send any items to the P.O box and we’ll be sure to post it on our blog with a description to share with our friends and family around the world.

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Ok, my eyes are starting to hurt…bye for now.