On September 4, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Hurricane Irene…I’m so sick of her it already. She came through and gave us more rain and wind than we would have liked, but; what can we say? (Besides, “Ugh.”) Not only did roads get flooded or completely washed away, but houses were destroyed, cars were smashed, trees fell, AND today is the first full day of power since last Sunday. (That’s 5 full days with no power, ouch). For a day after Irene passed it still wasn’t safe to go outside. The ground was so over saturated that trees were still falling from the high winds. We thought losing power was bad, but; what made it worse was the fact that roads that once existed were completely missing, making it impossible to go anywhere. If you could somehow find your way around, the roads that didn’t wash away were flooded beyond the ability to pass (even with your lifted trucks…too bad). To give you all a better idea of the scene, I went out during the hurricane to get some shots for you…enjoy.

To the left used to be a small pond that turned into a waterfall. The water was above my ankles when I took this shot.


This once was a road. It was completely washed away and a massive ditch was left in its place. You can see part of the road that stayed alive on the right side along with all its layers.


Another road being washed away exposing drainage pipes and leaving guardrail posts dangling in mid-air.




This wall has an opening for water to come through and pass along the road. Looks more like Niagra Falls and you can see water ripping in from the left side also. The amount of water was unreal.


It was no secret where the water made it’s way through…


Look closely, you’ll notice a Jeep with powerlines added for extra “danger” factor.


Fallen trees…lots of firewood…at least we got something from Irene, hella good.





The grass you see went straight across before Irene came to play. Rushing water and rocks passing through creating a gorge that’s 8 feet deep.


Clean-up tools…


Goodbye, Irene…


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Love Automatic / Cash Cash.

On June 27, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of being on the guest list and attending a small performance from a few bands including Mitchy C, Silverstar, and our friends Love Automatic and Cash Cash. Before the show started, and as usual…we were in need of a little pick-me-up. We headed over to Btarsucks (Starbucks) and I grabbed a “Grande Iced Upside Down Extra Caramel-Caramel Macchiato”…yum:

Then it was back to the show which was all happening within the 4 walls of Just Jake’s in Montclair.

After the first 2 sets (Mitchy C and Silverstar) had finished, it was time to get all our joints loosened up and ready to jump because the guys of Love Automatic know how to get the crowd moving. Their music falls under a house/electro category with a uncategorizable twist…pretty awesome. If you ask them for a band biography, this is what you’ll get: “Love Automatic is a machine. It’s fueled by heart and kinetic energy, processing them into light and sound. It functions to bring life to motionless bodies, and bring death to rock and roll.” That being said…

…and then the focus switched over to Cash Cash… talk about a room full of energy…

Awesome show guys! Great time with great people.

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