Val Emmich.

On May 17, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So we recently had the pleasure of seeing Val Emmich (plug) up close and personal in the downtown area of NYC near Houston (how-stun)…I just can’t tell you where. He played a great set that was very entrancing in a most simple kind of way. Standing 6 feet away from him helped add to the energy along with the color changing lights on each side of the stage which made setting up for any photo more difficult than it ever should be. Below are a few random shots I selected out of the dozens taken. Oh yeah, if you’re thinking he looks like the guy from 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, or even that Macy’s commercial with Jennifer Lopez and P-Diddy…that’s because, it is him. More than just a musician, Val is also an actor, writer…and self proclaimed popcorn enthusiast. Anyway, onto the show…

But don’t take it from me…check him out for yourself.

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