TrueFeel x TransitionPete Pt. 1

On December 5, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So as some (or many) of you have noticed, there have been a few spottings of a TrueFeel x TransitionPete iPhone case that got around. If you’re unfamiliar with who TransitionPete is, then you’re most likely unfamiliar with Instagram. Instagram is kinda like Twitter, except MUCH cooler. “Instagrammers” get to share their life through photos displayed in a feed that could potentially blow your mind away, depending on who you follow. We are on Instagram and you CAN and SHOULD follow us (TrueFeelClothing). As for TransitionPete, with 60,000+ followers and growing, his Insta-feed tells a story and is very “real” as he lets you into his day-to-day life. From his commute to work, to having lunch with his kids and all between, you develop a connection with him (no pun intended). To get a better idea of what we mean, check out his feed and follow him on Instagram (TransitionPete).

Getting back to the main reason for this post…the TrueFeel x TransitionPete collab. We, along with tens of thousands of others took a liking to TransitionPete’s Instagram feed. It was more than just a bunch of pointless photos with too many filters and no description…it was a lifestyle. It IS his life. As a streetwear brand, we base our designs and apparel through our lifestyle and what we believe in. Everything you see in our online store has a story that goes with it, and represents a part of who we are. With TransitionPete, it’s very much the same, but only without the apparel. In merging of the two, we are releasing 2 items at seperate times. For the first installment, we will be releasing the TrueFeel x TransitionPete iPhone 4/4s case.

The Case…
TrueFeel Clothing

TransitionPete and the case…
TrueFeel Clothing

TrueFeel x Transition Pete iPhone 4/4s case drops next Tuesday (12/13/11) at 8pm EST. Don’t be late, these will be gone…FAST.

Images of the second installment coming soon… stay connected.

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