On February 8, 2013, in press, by True Feel

Every once and a while, we get questions emailed to us wanting to know some “non-work” related things about us. As of today (2/8/13), these are the answers to some of those questions:

Q: What college did I attend and what was my major/minor?
A: I went to Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut; and my major was Interactive Digital Design with a minor in Fine Arts.
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Q: What was your first “real” corporate job?
A: My first “real” corporate job was as a Graphic Designer for Disney/ABC, Inc.
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Q: What is your favorite restaurant?
A: DelFrisco’s Steakhouse in NYC, prime rib, medium-rare…epic.
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Q: If I could only have 1 dessert for the rest of my life, what would it be?
A: This would normally be a big list, but if I had to choose only one, it would be crème brûlée. So rich. (I’ll just say my second favorite dessert is Bread Pudding from Raglan Road in Downtown Disney).
true feel clothing, creme brulee

Q: I’ve heard you have a real sweet tooth. What’s your most favorite candy ever?
A: As much as I love 100 Grand and Paydays, my most favorite goes to Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. They’re exceptionally delicious.
true feel clothing, chocolate covered gummy bears

Q: Of all the sneakers you own, what are your favorite pair?
A: Nike Air Max Infrared…no doubt.
true feel clothing, nike air max

Q: What’s your favorite Make/Model of watch?
A: Breitling Chronomat…that was an easy one.
true feel clothing, breitling

Q: Who is your favorite artist, dead or alive?
A: I’ve always had a love for Salvador Dali’s work. He definitely has a style that not everybody can get down with, but i’ve always admired him as a person, and an artist.
true feel clothing, dali

Q: What’s your favorite color?
A: I love the color orange (it’s underappreciated and awesome!)
true feel clothing, orange

Q: What’s the last physical CD I purchased?
A: “Lana Del Rey – Paradise” is my most recent purchase. She’s a “fairly” new singer/songwriter who puts a lot of soul and emotion behind her words. Check out a live performance of her single “Ride” off the “Paradise” album.
true feel clothing, lana del rey

Q: What’s your favorite TV show, past or present?
A: I was and still am a HUGE fan of MacGyver. My father got me into this show when I was just a little kid and it was a show that made a big mark. Aside from owning all seasons on DVD, I was pretty stoked when it became available for instant streaming on Netflix.
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Q: What’s the first rated-R movie I watched?
A: Terminator was the first movie I ever saw that was rated-R. I remember walking through the supermarket with my mom and seeing it on a movie rack near the registers. I saw a man with a gun, then looked to see if it was rated-R, and it was. I knew it had to be somewhat violent. I asked her if she would buy it for me and she said “ok.” Once we got in the car, we were headed to my aunt’s house where I knew my cousin Joe would be home. I grabbed the tape, ripped the plastic off and told him to make me some buttery popcorn and pop in the movie. He said “are you sure you can handle it?” I was like “YEP!” I had a bowl full of buttery Pop Secret popcorn and was ready for it. After the movie was over, I thought it was awesome and couldn’t wait to start my own movie collection. Oh yea, and I was only 7 years old at the time.
true feel clothing, terminator

Q: When you’re not working, what are your favorite things to do?
A: I love to do anything outside when i’m not working. Biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, dirtbikes, hiking, whitewater rafting, photography, landscaping, sports, and FISHING.
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Q: How many hats do I currently have at my house?
A: That’s an interesting question and I don’t have the exact number, but it’s over 120.

Q: If I was a tree, what tree would I choose to be?
A: There are lots of cool trees out there, but I would choose to be this lonely Cypress in Monterey.
true feel clothing, cypress

Q: What’s your favorite reptile?
A: Chameleon…although they’re not really an ideal pet if you like handling reptiles, they’re still my favorite and have such interesting personalities.
true feel clothing, chameleon

So there you have it. Our most recently list of randomly asked questions. We don’t get off-work related questions, but we do enjoy taking the time to answer them. it kinda takes our mind off work and reminds us that there is other stuff we enjoy doing. Feel free to ask us questions any time, whether it’s work related or not. Submit questions to info@platinum-ink.com and we’ll answer your questions in our next Q&A post.