What our team has been looking for?

Here is a small list of what we’re looking for:

– Bands
– Snowboarders
– BMX Riders
– Skateboarders
– Surfers
– WakeBoarders
– Motocross Racers
– Streetbike Riders
– Downhill Mountain Bikers
– Artists (canvas and street)
– Artists who wheatpaste

If you fall into one of the categories listed above and feel you are exceptional at it, send us an email with a brief bio of who you are, what you do, and a link where we can check out your skills.


Choose to accept you under our sponsorship, you will receive the following:

– Free gear with every new release along with exclusive items only given to sponsored riders/artists.
– A product named after you with your own design concept (Online Store Exclusive).
– A Personalized decal and sticker to match your product.
– Tons of decals to rep all over your gear.
– A Promo pack containing shirts, stickers, bracelets and more, to give away to friends, family, and strangers at events.
– A Page dedicated to you on our Team Site (coming soon) loaded with photos and videos of you (online portfolio page).
– A Discount code for Online purchases
– Event photography/video capture

* If you have a video that isn’t online but on a disc (cd/dvd), please include that information in your email and we will send you an address to where you can mail your video. Please don’t send us your original copy because it won’t be sent back. Links/Videos are reviewed on a monthly basis. If we choose to select you, we will contact you. All submissions are appreciated and we look forward to receiving them.

-TF Team


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