On November 3, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So as we were getting things together for our giant annual Halloween bash on Saturday, we looked outside and noticed a few flakes coming down. We can’t remember the last time we had snow coming down before Halloween, but; we figured it would do its thing for a minute or two then dissipate. We couldn’t have been more wrong. After about 9″ of accumulation, we lost power. It continued to snow until we reached 14″ and the power kicked back on. We were all amp’d up and couldn’t be happier after 3 hours of darkness, but; our happiness was short-lived as we lost power again about 20 minutes later. All we saw when we looked outside was a dark sky that would randomly flash bright green as more and more transformers exploded nearby. If that wasn’t enough, the sound of trees cracking and smashing through cars and powerlines were audible even above the sound of fire engines blaring. This all went down on Saturday, the 29th, and we are still out of power. Awesome.

Luckily, our offices and printing/embroidery facility are in seperate locations so it hasn’t gotten in the way of production in any way. We were told that power should be fully restored within the next 4 days. This snow storm was unlike anything we expected for this time of year. A large area of NJ has lost power, as well as areas in NY and 57% of the state of Connecticut. For all those who still have no power or heat, we hope you have found some place to stay warm and safe (you’ll be reading this once power has come back).

Here are a few random shots of some damage the storm caused…





In other news, we’re heading to Mohegan Sun tomorrow to get away from this mess for a few days until everything is back to normal.

See Ya!

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