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On January 11, 2013, in press, by True Feel

So, today wasn’t just another fun day for us. It was a day we got free swag in the mail…and not just any swag… awesome swag! We had a pair of brand new Reebok Twilight Zone Pumps dropped off at our door. (The sneaker that was first introduced in 1989 and has been in hiding for about a decade now!) When it comes to ultimate comfort and support…these are “the shoes.”

It’s kinda funny (and ironic) how we were just talking about our obsession with sneakers and watches yesterday, and these appear on our stoop the very next day. We should drop more hints, more often. (*cough* ROLEX).

Now, for the unveiling…

truefeel, true-feel, tf

Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’. Nice, fresh, white-with-red-undersole and red and gray accents, along with dual lacing to match.

truefeel, true-feel, tf

Love the inner-liner pattern, along with all the other subtle details that make up this simple, yet complex design.

truefeel, true-feel, tf

And finally…the pump and release. (Who doesn’t like a little pump and release? Am I right?)

truefeel, true-feel, tf

For those who remember, and those who don’t…here’s a shot of the “Energy Return System,” lined throughout the sole of the shoe to keep your feet cushioned, no matter which way you move.

truefeel, true-feel, tf

Can’t wait to slap these puppies on and test them out on the courts. It’s gonna be awesome! Thanks Reebok, you made our day. To anyone else whom it may concern, size 11.5. Time to pack and head off to Colorado in the morning. Goodnight.

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