On May 19, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So here we are about 9 hours before (it’s 9pm now) we board our flight and head to Orlando for a much needed and well deserved vacation. As humans (and if you’re not one, ignore this…actually, if you’re not a human and you’re reading this, hit me up with an email and let’s talk)  now back to what I was saying…it’s definitely important to take a vacation or break where you can take time to unwind, step down for a minute, and just chill out. Whether you’re going to an island to lay on the beach and have some drinks, go on an adventure to a place you’ve never been, or have a jam-packed time somewhere fun…odds are, you owe it to yourself. From now until May 28th, we’ll be doing just that, while intentionally disconnecting ourselves from computers (excluding mobile devices), SO you can follow our trip, join us on some rides, and vacation with us for free by following us on Twitter @TrueFeel2005. We’ll be posting lots of photos of all sorts of things as they’re happening. It’ll be like you’re there, with us! Anyway…gotta run, catch ya later.

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Val Emmich.

On May 17, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So we recently had the pleasure of seeing Val Emmich (plug) up close and personal in the downtown area of NYC near Houston (how-stun)…I just can’t tell you where. He played a great set that was very entrancing in a most simple kind of way. Standing 6 feet away from him helped add to the energy along with the color changing lights on each side of the stage which made setting up for any photo more difficult than it ever should be. Below are a few random shots I selected out of the dozens taken. Oh yeah, if you’re thinking he looks like the guy from 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, or even that Macy’s commercial with Jennifer Lopez and P-Diddy…that’s because, it is him. More than just a musician, Val is also an actor, writer…and self proclaimed popcorn enthusiast. Anyway, onto the show…

But don’t take it from me…check him out for yourself.

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Our Weapons…

On May 11, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Well, some of them…

…we are mixed media.

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On May 9, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So as many of you may have noticed, during our complete online store/site makeover, we redesigned with smartphones in mind. It’s very important to us that all of our supporters, fans, followers, friends and fellow business owners can access our site easily (whether to browse, shop, or see what’s new and coming soon!) It was a very long process that had been planned out for 8 months before the site even went into development. We thought of every possible way to connect as best we can with you guys…the ones reading this right now! After 5 months of designing, programming, testing, and (repeating…) we finally launched our new site (and it feels so good!)

One thing we haven’t yet done is thank the team who dedicated months of time to help develop the True Feel Online Shop/Press. Without all of you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to John, Stewart, Ed, Nikki, Lisa, T-Dawg, Russ, Joe, Ryan, Ant, Alex, Kenny, Chewy, Nicholas, and Sophie for all of your endless help on this amazing project.

As stated earlier…we now cater to more than those on computers, but also to those who are into the mobile game. One thing we can say is that the True Feel team was a group of Blackberry users and we have all switched over to iPhones (and it was the best thing we’ve done.) Not to plug a company that definitely doesn’t need it, but; they get the jobs done easier and more quickly, helping us connect and share moments with you guys that much faster!

Did we mention we are also now on Twitter (@TrueFeel2005) and are addicted to sharing our random thoughts, questions, secrets, images…and always posting on the go?! (Perfect segue…wait for it…) On May 20th, we will be taking a company vacation to the “most magical place on earth” located in Orlando, Florida. We will be fully equipped with cameras, GoPros (complete with GoHandles from our friends at GoPole), laptops…the whole nine. That being said, we’ll do our best to keep you guys entertained and share our time down there with you all. Follow us on Twitter (@TrueFeel2005) to see and share moments with us as we post them live!

Last but not least (now that we thanked all those who helped with our web project), we’d like to thank all of you who support us and make this all possible. YOU are behind us and are a constant reminder to why we do what we do! We do what we do because you do what you do… and we can’t thank you enough!

Actually, we can in some ways…purchase something between now and May 31st and enter the coupon code: TF4L to recieve 30% off every item purchased.

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So we took a trip to a not-so-little place in middle America…North Platte, Nebraska. Home of Colonel William Cody and our own, Nikki Stixx. Flying in was a very interesting experience because there was nothing but land…flat land, as far as you could see. We landed in Denver and took a 4-hour drive to North Platte where we stayed for a short while. Seeing farm after farm for hundreds of miles was something you don’t see everywhere you go.

This place is FLAT…

…and did you know there are more cows than people in Nebraska?

When someone here says they have a Volvo, chances are that it may be a machine, not a car…

I’ll admit my camera wasn’t glued to my hand on this trip to document all the bbqing, and unique eateries and shops we visited, but take my word for it…it’s a whole new world out here, and I mean that in a good way. While we were here, there was someplace that was on the checklist of what needed to be done among seeing family and friends…and that was paying a visit to “Carhenge.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. Carhenge is an exact replica of Stonehenge, to scale, completely created out of different vehicles….by one man. Damn!

Here are some shots of what Carhenge is about…and remember, everything is created using nothing more than automobiles, and automobile parts…

The weather was averaging 96 degrees and the wind was rushing through like it was late for work…making aerosol art nearly impossible

…and that’s that.

Below are a few random shots taken throughout the North Platte area by Nikki Stixx to help give you a rough idea of what life is like in Nebraska.. and don’t act like you’ve ever been somewhere like it before.

Meet Colonel William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. William Cody is the founder of Cody, Wyoming and also nicknamed “Buffalo Bill.” The nickname was given to him after he undertook a contract to supply Kansas Pacific Railroad workers with buffalo meat. Cody earned the nickname by killing 4,280 American bison in eight months. He was also known to be one of the most colorful figures in the American old West.

Traditional Native American chillin “in a glass case of emotion” -Ron Burgundy-

Here is a real 2-headed cow that was born on a farm and lived a total of 48 short but interesting hours.

This was Colonel William Cody’s house… always cool to see where someone lived back in the day and imagine how life must have been.

Interesting fact: North Platte is home to the world’s largest railyard, Bailey Yard.

There is a lot more history here than once thought…

Goodnight and Goodbye Nebraska…