On March 24, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Here are a few random shots taken throughout the day… enjoy.

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On March 22, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Just a few days ago, mother nature showed us every sign of warming up as we approached Spring. Temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 70’s, windows down, birds chirping, squirrels jumping from tree to tree, and lifted spirits all around. Today is the 3rd official day of Spring, and this is the direction nature decided to go…

Snow covered grounds and tree tops, and of course, icy roads…

If you ask me, this is not the direction we want to be heading…

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Lawn Guyland

On March 21, 2011, in press, by True Feel

We had a great weekend in Long Island (Lawn Guyland as some island natives seem to call it). The weather was nothing short of amazing and great times were had with…well…great friends. After the past few weeks, some unwinding was in need and it consisted of some drinks, lots of BBQ, football, cards, music and more…you get the idea. If you find yourself working through your weekends, make sure you take some time off and enjoy yourself. We all need a break now and again…and besides, it’s a healthy habit.

Now get back to work.

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On March 19, 2011, in press, by True Feel

So this is El Bandido Restaurant…and it’s awesome:

There are tons of Mexican eateries all over, but this gem is more than just a place to eat. With spot-on food and an authentic atmosphere; El Bandido is a go-to Mexican hot spot.

With large leather bound menus to display limitless selections, they have almost anything you can think of. I also won’t forget to mention that their margaritas are amazing.

Shortly after you’ve been seated and place your drink order, your server brings you a complimentary basket of tortilla chips with homemade salsa and an individual cheese quesadilla for everyone.

Not long after you nosh on a few chips and your quesadilla…dinner time. A personal favorite of mine is the pulled pork enchilada suizas. It’s hard to describe how good this dish is…you really need to taste it to understand.

While you’re eating, drinking, and enjoying the atmosphere, the mariachis come and play you a few of their songs canciones. If that doesn’t make it the authentic experience, I don’t know what will.

And once you’re done with the main course comes the piece de resistance…banana chimichangas. (Also complimentary, of course!) It’s heaven…bananas wrapped in a flaky shell, drizzled with honey and accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh yeah, you also receive a complimentary shot of tequila after dessert (that’s a lot of free stuff)…can’t beat that!

There are a couple El Bandido locations…one in Middletown, NY  and another in Spring Valley, NY. They are both owned and operated by the same family and boast a fun, friendly staff. It is obvious that there was a lot of time and effort behind creating more than just a “typical Mexican restaurant.”

Not to mention their dedication seems to be pretty serious. Wow.



On March 18, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Today is a sign that Spring is finally here. Reaching 79 degrees at the peak of the day was such a great feeling. There are no signs of snow except that of which is melting off the mountains. Here are a few shots of what some of the day was like…

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St. Patrick

On March 17, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Hopefully everyone is having a great St. Patrick’s Day. When you’re out there, drive safe and do yourself a favor…don’t give cops a reason to pull you over by wearing a ridiculous hat like this person up ahead.


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Contest #1

On March 15, 2011, in press, by True Feel

The screenshot below was recently sent to us of an app one of our fans is playing on their iTouch/iPhone. It has a bunch of little Smurfs walking around and a pumpkin patch in the shape of a TF. Every once in a while we get an email with something awesome and creative like this that one of our fans have done…Thank you!

Sooo…to everyone reading this…lets have a little fun. First, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook. Then, make something super creative including the words “True Feel” and/or our TF logo. Entries can be submitted to us by either posting it on our Facebook wall with a short message letting us know it’s your entry, or submit your photo to: photo@true-feel.com). Graffiti, Food, stickers…whatever you can think of…anything goes. The contest starts now and will end on June 1st. The most creative submission will be awarded with a $100 gift certificate to spend in our online store, and some extra goodies.

Have fun.

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Pond Skim.

On March 14, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Yesterday, True Feel team rider Anthony Anari attended the Snowplow Luau Celebration at Mountain Creek located in Vernon, NJ. With hundreds of people in attendance, live music by Z100’s DJ Mo’ Bounce, Games, Giveaways, Beer and BBQ…what’s not to love?! Below are just a few pics to honor the event… (all photos taken with GoPro camera using GoPole attachment).

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On March 13, 2011, in press, by True Feel

This weekend, a bunch of us headed down to Atlantic City to attend the ISS show. It’s the largest show on the East coast dedicated to the decorated apparel industry.  With over 200 exhibitors, ISS Atlantic City serves as the one-stop shop for the latest equipment and new techniques. Speaking face-to-face with some of our major suppliers is real important and also gives us new options to the way our apparel distribution is handled. Unfortunately, cameras weren’t allowed in the show for many reasons..including to protect some upcoming trade secrets. Below are a few photos from the trip, both inside and out.

Super Pretzels are the BEST!

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On March 11, 2011, in press, by True Feel

Every now and again it’s nice to get a little rain, especially when the only snow left on the ground are the small dirty piles where the plows pushed it all during the snow storms. A little natural cleanup can be good. On the other hand…to much of anything can always be a bad thing (including money?). I can’t speak much for the surrounding areas, but I do know the northern area of Jersey got hit…hard.

Here is a road that is pretty heavily flooded and unless you want to drive through it, you have atleast a 15 minute detour on your hands…

Did I mention that I can’t stand detours?

…and this is a lake cornfield…

Until tomorrow…

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